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'Canon' USUK moments


  • Of course there is the Hetaween Batman and Robin or just the whole thing with the secrets and everything. Also even Himaruya said that America would have had England in costume with him either way. 
  • In Arte Stella America is the King of Spades while England is the Queen of Spades.
  • Rationing comic strip
  • “Bakabakabakabakabakabaka America no BAKA”
  • Stuck on a island together (Including such moments as: England commenting to America about how cold it was acting like America should do something in which he replied “I’m not going to do anything” with England responding saying “of course you won’t”. In the Drama CD version France says that the other nations could not sleep because of their “lover spats” with England replying saying “Don’t call it a lovers’ spat!”.
  • England giving America chocolate during the Christmas Bloodbath of 2011. 
  • In a strip that asked the nations about what they would be for Hetaween America said he would be superman while England deliberately said he would be  snake man (evidence shows that America could very well be afraid of snakes) with the answer being directed at America. 
  • Supposedly England is laying on America’s bomber jacket while in a chibi version of the allies sleeping outdoors.
  • The War on the African Front in general
  • They constantly have moments of them both trying to show the other up (such as America dragging England’s car up a hill in order to ask for the keys while England is trying to train himself to be stronger, or America always trying to scare England for once rather than the other way around)
  • England in America’s bomber jacket (chibi)
  • England is sick in bed with America by his side (though the moment is trolled), this happened 3 times. 
  • “When you two are done relieving sexual tensions we have a meeting to finish!” 
  • Sleeping with Sheep drama CD
  • America and England pairing up to compete against each other in Hetalia Fantasia
  • 200th year of Independence day 
  • England complementing America on how he looks during the April Fools Event 2011
  • England rescuing America in Gakuden Hetalia
  • England and America’s moment during America’s birthday party. 
  • When America tries to make friends with whales England tries to befriend him (America trolls in the end) 
  • Valentines Day comic strip (Buon San Valentino) 
  • When England is at America’s house he spots a ghost (who is really France) and shows America who is scared also, forcing them to cowardly sleep in the same bed.
  • In Hetalia Paint it White when America is hit by Picts Magic England screams to him before getting hit himself.  
  • Russia is apparently a fanboy.


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How to break up with someone

You: Your ex is attractive.
Partner: Which one?
You: ME.

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2 years old kid: *runs*
family: looks like he's going to be an athlete



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